Italy is on the Agenda

Author Robert James Connors will be presenting on topics of concern to writers, including Italian themes and travels, at "Living Out Loud," a forum for writers and authors. Robert will discuss a variety of issues faced by writers of fiction and non-fiction, and will take questions from the audience. The event will take place Thursday, … Continue reading Italy is on the Agenda

Americans Love Italy!

Italy is far and away the most desired travel destination for Americans and Canadians, if the interest in my current speaking tour is any indication. For the last few weeks my wife and I have traveled across the eastern part of North America speaking about our experiences during our 20-plus years devoted to exploring Italy. … Continue reading Americans Love Italy!

Cultural Exploration Never Ends

Traveling, meeting new people, and learning about their very different lives in uniquely-varied places is a personally-enriching experience. As beautiful landscapes pass our view, so do the subtle changes in culture and lifestyle that make each place a special part of the human experience. My present 'book tour' has opened doors across the United States … Continue reading Cultural Exploration Never Ends

Traveling Italy (in Canada, too!)

Italy is at the center of my travels, even when they are around the eastern US and Canada. Being on an extended speaking tour allows me to compare various parts of North America with the features and culture of Italy. The comparison came to vivid life a few days ago at Watkins Glen, New York, where … Continue reading Traveling Italy (in Canada, too!)

Italy Will Change You, Too…

When is a vacation more than just a holiday from routine? What is there that allows it to rise to the level of life-changing? The answer lies in people. Cultural travel allows us to escape the ruts worn between Rome, Florence, and Naples by thousands of 'tour groups.' For most, an Italian holiday is a … Continue reading Italy Will Change You, Too…

The Birth of Modern Architecture

Italy is known for many things, but ranked high among them is the remarkable architecture of the edifices that fill her cities and towns. From great cathedrals to small churches, railway stations to public buildings, Italy shows off the skills of her sons and daughters. Once the great basilicas were sculpted a stone at a … Continue reading The Birth of Modern Architecture

New Speaking Tour in the Works

As an author, I enjoy meeting my readers, and bringing the pages to life with them. Libraries, bookstores, cultural centers, and other intimate venues offer an ideal atmosphere to share stories. Please see the right side-bar for a list of locations where it will be possible for YOU to meet me, and hear straight from Italy! … Continue reading New Speaking Tour in the Works

The Venice of Dreams

Our first encounter with Venice had been put off as long as possible. Fear of disappointment, perhaps, fear that the stories might be accurate, made us hesitate. Was there any truth to the rumor that it was a dirty, smelly relic, jammed with tourists and kitsch? We were afraid that our dreams of a lovely … Continue reading The Venice of Dreams

The World’s Most Unique Nation

Tourists often travel to see things: scenery, art, architecture, the cities themselves. Many people sign themselves up for a tour, and in a few days pay whirlwind visits. They see Rome's Coliseum and the Vatican, Florence's Ponte Vecchio and Michelangelo's David, and then they are bused to a rendezvous with a Venetian gondola, where for … Continue reading The World’s Most Unique Nation