Traveling Italy (in Canada, too!)

Italy is at the center of my travels, even when they are around the eastern US and Canada. Being on an extended speaking tour allows me to compare various parts of North America with the features and culture of Italy. The comparison came to vivid life a few days ago at Watkins Glen, New York, where I encountered a large group of Italians on tour here!

Being an inveterate explorer of Italy, their perspectives allowed my to enhance my own. Arriving in New York City, they had set out on buses to visit the primary attractions of the Northeast. Many Americans do exactly the opposite, flying into Rome or Milano to board buses to visit Tuscany, Venice, or the Cinque Terre.

As always, I recommend exploring on your own, and doing your best to immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions. I’ve been doing that on my present journey by getting off the Interstate highways, stopping in small towns and villages, and tasting the local produce. The wine district of the Finger Lakes was a tempting target, and offered plenty of opportunity to compare its scenic vistas and complex flavors with those of Italian wine regions.

As I press on from Quebec into the Maritime Provinces, and then south into the Northeastern US, I’ll continue to stop along the way, meet local residents, and try to gain their perspectives of the amazing world we share, and the things that inspire their own travel.

My next stop will be in Fredericton, New Brunswick on Friday, June 15, where I will meet readers and share experiences at Westminster Books.

Monday, June 18 will find me addressing folks at the Italian Canadian Cultural Center, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Sunday, June 24 I’ll be at the Italian Heritage Center in Portland, Maine, for a dinner and presentation. For details please see the sidebar on our home page.

I hope you can join me at one of these locations, or at upcoming events in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Charlotte, North Carolina, or Tampa, Florida. Your perspective of Italy will get a bit broader as a result.



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