About the Book

Nowhere more than Italy offers travelers such an attractive and inspiring setting for travel adventure. The reader travels along into the hidden corners and secret places, and gains the insights that only come with years of exploration. Throughout, Italy itself provides a colorful and scenic background to adventures

The Book on Italy
Romancing Through Italy is now available through your favorite book store.

and misadventures. Now in its second edition through Plumeria Publishing, Romancing Through Italy carries the reader from the ruins of ancient Greek settlements to the icy top of Europe’s highest peak. The book is available through your favorite local bookstore, through Amazon, or direct from the author (with dedication if desired). To order direct, please use the contact form on this page for details.

During twenty years of traveling throughout Italy with his wife, Susan, the author finds himself captive to the beauty, art, architecture, history, and above all the Italian people. They are woven deeply into the places and events that are encountered along the way.

All photographs and text are Copyright © 2017 Robert James Connors. Permission is granted for electronic distribution. Mechanical reproduction is forbidden without express written permission from the author.
Please enjoy.

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  1. Kent Lilly would like to order a copy of your book. Please email me, Candy Sgrillo, and I will provide c/c info or issue a check in payment. Thank you!


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