The Ghost City of Basilicata

Basilicata is an ancient land, with traditions and superstitions that date far back into the dusty pages of history. Here, long before the arrival of Christianity, people were aware of the close connection of both men and animals to the land. The stories of terrible beasts and dragons were passed down from generations long ago. … Continue reading The Ghost City of Basilicata

Romancing Through Italy Published

Twenty years of exploring Italy leads one to an amazing variety of adventures, and misadventures! The true stories of Romancing Through Italy relate the surprising heart-warming and sometimes spine-chilling experiences of traveling in an exotic and ancient culture. The perfect, relaxing summer or beach read, each chapter offers an insight into a facet of Italian … Continue reading Romancing Through Italy Published

Where Heroes Walked: A True Story

In Honor of April 25 -Liberation Day in Italy: an excerpt from "Romancing Through Italy" ©2017 Robert James Connors  ...It was on our first trip in 1995 that we learned much of why the bonds between Italy and the United States, as well as other allied nations, are so strong. It was thanks to our friend … Continue reading Where Heroes Walked: A True Story

Those Sexy Etruscans!

We returned again and again to Italy, each time focusing on particular parts of a surprisingly large and varied country. Tuscany, the largest and undoubtedly the best-known region of Italy, never fails to live up to its reputation as a source of beauty. Here the emblematic cypress trees line narrow roads that were merely improvements … Continue reading Those Sexy Etruscans!

An Introduction to Wonder

It was the proverbial example of the square peg and the round hole. The low, arcing shape of the narrow two-lane tunnel that loomed ahead was obviously impassable for our tall, and very rectangular, inter-city passenger coach, which slowed to a crawl as it approached its dark maw. It was clear that the tunnel wasn't … Continue reading An Introduction to Wonder

XXIX – The Clash at Cassino

Through all the years of our travels in Italy, we kept in mind the extraordinary emotions we had experienced during our first visit to Monghidoro with our friend George DeLuca. His tales of the war, the Alpini troops, and the battles they had fought side-by-side against the Nazis gave us a different perspective of many places … Continue reading XXIX – The Clash at Cassino

Exploring the “Park of Monsters”

The mention in the dog-eared old travel book was brief, but once my eyes fell upon it, I couldn’t forget it: a “park of monsters” hidden in the woods of central Italy. This beautiful Mediterranean nation is popular for many reasons, what with its amazing variety of enjoyable things to eat, drink, look at, climb, … Continue reading Exploring the “Park of Monsters”